The Rivers Biography

The Rivers is a Canadian Hard Rock Band, formed in North Bay, Ontario, Canada in November of 2015. Founded by Three musicians formed through mutual friends in North Bay, Josh Berry (Vocals/Guitar), Jared Dorcas (Bass), and Kyle Poulin (Drums) jammed for the first time in November 2015. Since then, they have performed all over North America and continue to release music that is well received all over the world. Each member comes from a different background but each shares the same mutual goal of writing, recording, and performing music together.

Josh Berry is known for performing with his Hand-Made Guitars including his Hand-Made Telecaster or his Personalized 2019 Gibson Les Paul Tribute the band calls “Daisy” named after Josh’s Grandmother. Josh Grew up on Eagle Lake just west of South River, Ontario. He got his start performing for cottagers, campers, and local music enthusiasts who would invite josh and his siblings to perform personal concerts. Josh has been singing since he was little shadowing his Mother Jill DiSomma (a trained opera singer) who has performed in musicals and sung in many places all over the world. Josh is inspired by many artists and bands from Blues music and 60's - 70's era Rock n' Roll. Beginning his study of guitar at the age of 8 years old, Josh dedicates hours to training daily, rehearsing classical theory and composing from his love of blues and classic rock. Josh’s voice is often compared to the style of Dallas Green (City & Colour) for his tone, and Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin). Josh likes to cite Slash (Guns & Roses), Jimi Hendrix (Solo Artist), and more recently Joe Bonamassa for his guitar playing inspirations.


Jared Dorcas started playing the guitar at age nine. Jared later started playing Bass Guitar, using his knowledge of classical guitar Jared uses the bass guitar to not only fill out the sound, but he creates melodic runs through his compositions putting a true signature sound on each project he’s involved with. Jared’s love for the Bass Guitar is evident in his energetic live performances and stage presence. He is inspired by many Classic Rock Bands from the 1960s and 1970s and takes inspiration from musicians such as John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath), Geddy Lee (Rush). He is often compared to all three. When Jared is not Performing in The Rivers, he teaches music passing on his knowledge to others who aspire to create their own music. Jared is also involved in film production.

Kyle Poulin is a Self-taught musician who has been drumming since he was two years old. Oddly, Kyle does not come from a musical family, his mother Shelley Foster would constantly play music of all varieties introducing Kyle to Rock Music at a very young age. Starting out on pots and pans, and would make drum kits out of his pillows. Growing up in Petawawa, Ontario, he was inspired by a local band called “Scribble” and would be inspired by Scribble drummer Brian Deruchie who would let Kyle play his drums until He was given his first drum kit when he was 5-6 years old (purchased from Brian) and logged as many hours as he could in a day, listening and playing along to his favourite songs. In High school, Kyle spent most of his time in the music department learning from his music teacher Brian Overholt, taking part in every music class, writing and creating music in the schools studio and participating in the St Joseph Scollard Hall Bears Music Program, performing in the schools Marching Band, Jazz Band, Concert Band, and Drumline. During school lunches, Mr. Overholt would leave the door open to the music room so Kyle could have access to the instruments during his free time. Kyle finds loads of inspiration in his hero’s, Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters), Ray Luzier (Korn), Jay Weinburg (Slipknot), Joey Jordison (Slipknot 1999-2013), however, Kyle often looks for inspiration in Local Music around North Bay. He often takes notes from local music looking up to musicians like Brian Deruchie, Brian Overholt, Dave White, Ben Leggett, Buffalo Jump, Jason Lamoureux, Romeo Raymond, Mike Foisy, and more. Kyle is often compared to Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters, due to his hard-hitting performances.


The Rivers First Show

Broadcasted live on CTV, in December of 2015 on the Lions Christmas Telethon held in their hometown North Bay, Ontario. The Rivers have also played many places throughout Ontario including, Timmins, Toronto, Windsor, Montreal, London, Hamilton, Peterborough, Sudbury, Vaughan, Huntsville, and many more. However, they are commonly recognized in the Toronto music scene, playing multiple shows at The Horseshoe Tavern, Lee’s Palace, and Sneaky Dee’s, The Rockpile, and The Hideout. The Rivers have also gone international with their Live Shows performing in Nashville TN, New Orleans LA, and Varadero Cuba. They have also played many shows on their home stage in North Bay.

In the beginning of 2016 The Rivers were given the opportunity to record 1 of their songs Live as a favour for showcasing local Juno-nominee Ben Leggett’s recording business. There, The Rivers recorded their first song “Weather Man” which was later released as a single and was later played on FM Radio on Bryan Floyd’s Indie Hour, which showcases Indie Music from all over Canada. During the summer of 2016, The Rivers began receiving great attention for their live shows as they would perform each show as they were playing for thousands. In the beginning, they were criticized for constantly playing too loud. Unwilling to change their sound to benefit venues, The Rivers stayed true to themselves and their music and it was well-received by their fans who would book The Rivers in their venues. This is where The Rivers could truly perform their music to an audience who would appreciate their loud, original music. In March 2017 The Rivers released their debut EP (Under Band Name, "Grooove") called “Driven” featuring three of their original songs; “Good”, “Woman Ways”, and “The System”. The EP is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, iHeart Radio, and many more music distribution outlets.

They have also released an Official Music Video for “The System” in May of 2017. During the summer of 2017 they played multiple shows and festivals, to bigger audiences and bigger venues. The Rivers made themselves known and recognized at The Canada 150 edition of North Bay's Summer Festival "Summer In The Park" when they opened the entire festival on the main stage opening up for MAGIC! and Marianas Trench. After a poll from the North Bay and Area News team, The Rivers were hailed to be one of most favourite bands of the entire festival.

In March 2018, The Rivers were writing and prepping to record their next EP featuring 5 songs that they had written in between their shows in 2017. A few weeks before recording, The Rivers received the news that Kyle’s Father had passed away after a long battle of PTSD from serving 3 tours as a combat engineer in the Canadian military. A pure shock to The Rivers, Josh, Jared and Kyle had taken time to spend with family.

When the scheduled time came for The Rivers to record, Kyle tried tracking drums but Kyle and The Rivers felt as the drum tracks weren’t reaching full potential, lacked passion, and were coming out sloppy. The Rivers decided to halt the recording process until further notice. Unsure about the future, The Rivers took the time they needed and eventually jammed together running through the show a couple times in prep for a tour they had previously signed a contract to do. In the spring of 2018, The Rivers began a tour as part of "Rise Up TV". The 7 day tour began May 28'th 2018 starting in Windsor Ontario and then followed London, Hamilton, Toronto, Peterborough, and Montreal ending June 3rd. After the tour, The Rivers went back home and starting writing a set for 2018 and started booking shows all over Ontario, and performed a full summer of shows for growing audiences.

During the fall of 2018, The Rivers rescheduled their studio time to start recording their recording on the 5 song EP, The Band received more news that Jared’s Father had suffered a stroke and was sent to the hospital in Sudbury Ontario. Another shock to the band, Josh and Kyle supported Jared and Jared’s family and encouraged Jared to take the time he needed to take. However, Jared demanded we continue on schedule with recording EP. The Rivers started the recording of their new five-track EP called “What Are You Hiding From?” with Ben Leggett. While Ben Leggett was Mixing the EP, Josh, Jared and Kyle decided to spend some time together and venture on vacation to Nashville, and New Orleans. Where the band spent each day and night learning and exploring the streets of Nashville and New Orleans. During this, Kyle and Josh took videos to document the trip and after receiving a film permit, The Rivers shot a music video in New Orleans which was released in the spring of 2019.

On April 5th 2019, The Rivers Hosted a CD release party for the new EP, which drew out a crowd that quickly reached max capacity the venue, and performed the EP in full for their friends and family. The EP "What Are You Hiding From?" was released on April 5th 2019 and has gone to sell many copies online, physical copies at shows, and on shelves in stores. "What Are You Hiding From?" starting gaining notable radio play online and on ROCK 101.9FM (Rogers Radio), Hunters Bay Radio 88.7 FM Huntsville, and MooseFM 105.5 Huntsville. The New Orleans music video has reached over 20,000 people online all over the world in less than one month. The Rivers Played a full summer of shows with full venues all over Ontario including North Bay, Toronto, Timmins, Sudbury, Huntsville, Niagara Falls and more.


Gaining traction for 2020, The Rivers are currently in the studio recording their next single, planning a music video, and scheduling a season full of shows for 2020.

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